Our Detox program is designed for people looking to remove toxins from their bodies without going into an extreme direction.

With the right selection of spa treatments and nurturing your body with vital nutrients, seek a lifestyle that will result in an everyday glow. This gentle detox composed of natural detoxifying juices and treatments will give your body a break and release any unwanted particles out.

Keep your body moving and allow it to flow with our daily yoga class to restore vitality. Take care of your body while still being able to enjoy your tropical vacation.


  • Daily Celery Juice
  • Daily Ginger-Turmeric Shot
  • Daily Young Coconut
  • Daily Yoga Class
  • Daily Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Daily Steam Room Use
  • Daily Spa Treatment

Choice of a Daily Spa Treatment Between:

  • 60 min Detoxifying Essential Body Wrap
  • 60 min Sport Massage
  • 60 min Silhouette Redefining Body Care
  • 60 min Ayurvedic Head Massage
  • 90 min Slimming Anti-Cellulite Massage
  • 60 min Thai Massage
  • 60 min Deep Facial Cleansing
  • 60 min Elixir Body Glow
  • 60 min Algogel Slimming Body Wrap